Monday, July 4, 2011

Holiday Weekend Fun

So I probably take the kids to our neighborhood pool about 2-3 times a week. They are just like me and my brothers growing up. We spent almost every day in the summer at the Tavakoli's, our neighbors across the street, swimming in their pool. We would get so tan and dark. Madeline and James are the same way. Madeline's swimsuits from last summer are starting to get a little snug so I let Madeline pick out a new one from Target, she picked out this one-sides ruffled butterfly pattern suit - it was only $9. :) I can't believe she's growing out of size 7/8 and getting into 9/10.

Madeline took this shot of James and I when we just got in the pool and were getting situated with our tubes.

In Madeline and James' Easter baskets this year they each got their first set of mask and snorkel. They practiced in the tub during Spring and Madeline figured it out right away. James didn't like the way it felt breathing through the tube, or how the mask felt on his face. But this last time we went swimming, they both snorkeled around our pool for a good hour. They loved it! And I'm so glad. Stephen and I love to snorkel in the ocean. So it'll be a neat experience when we can take our kids to do it.

James loves the water. 

Madeline finally brave enough to swim and go under in 5 feet where she can't touch.

Being silly as usually.

Now in my old age, my skin still tans but it gets irritated from the sun (I'll break out in rashes on my shoulders and arms) and the freckles on my face really start to show. Ah oh well, can't stay young forever right?

So here are our sun-kissed babes. Stephen said, "wow James looks buff in this pic, what did you oil him up with baby oil!?" LOL Actually James just got done using the bathroom before this pic and when he was washing his hands he decided to get his head and chest all wet. Too funny.

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