Monday, July 4, 2011

Another milestone 4th

I wish I could take credit for this firework shot, but it's a Google image. I tried taking shots of our city firework show this evening but my camera's shutter speed just isn't fast enough. We did however see some great ones like these! Our city was one of the only cities in the Austin area who still held a show - most others canceled because of a burn ban. So there were a TON of people. So the kids and I went and parked to watch while Stephen stayed back home because he works at 5am tomorrow.

Yesterday on the 3rd we had some of our neighbor's over for a BBQ. Kate brought this yummy rice crispy treat with very patriotic decor. It was a nice time and the kids ended the evening running in the sprinklers. We have some wonderful neighbors.

2 years ago...

On Facebook today I posted:
2 years ago on the 4th of July James quit using his binky cold turkey (Penny chewed up his last one)...this 4th of July our 4 year old Jimmy-James learned to swim (no floaties) all the way across the pool over the deep end. They sure do grow up fast.

You'll notice in this pic and video James is no longer wearing his neon orange arm floaties. I don't know why I thought to try today, but I asked James if he wanted to take off his arm floaties and try to swim with out them. 
So he tried...and wa-la...he can swim!

This short clip is of him in the 3 ft. area. But he amazed us with swimming all the way across the 5 ft. area to the otherside of the pool (I messed up taking that video). So proud! I think the mask and snorkel gave him confidence and peace that he could breathe while swimming and his head under the water.

Earlier this morning our wonderful neighbor Kristen (whom is also a great hair stylist) cut the kids hair for me. Doesn't Madeline look older with her new layered cut!? Kristen also showed me the proper way to use the clippers on James and cut/blend his hair. I'll have to give it a try next time. But both the kid's hair looks great!

These pics are of the kids waiting to see the fireworks.

It was a gorgous 4th of July night here in central Texas!


Mickie and Matt said...

Way to go James! What a big boy!

Uhh and YEAH I thought the sme thing when I saw Madeline... wow she looks so much older with that new hair cut.

Look like y'all had a great fourth of July!

Army Nix said...

Love the kids hair cuts – they are looking older – my heart just pounds when I miss these moments with them.
Miss you guys. We were at Palos Verdes today at the tide pools. We used our river shoes – reminded me of Austin.
Alex had a great time – wishing James and Maddy were there with him.

Kelly said...

Looks like a great day! So neat that James learned to swim on his own!