Sunday, June 26, 2011

Round Up: day 02

On day 02 of our reunion, Bryce and his boys arrived. We decided to take everyone to Pecan Park to go river tubing on San Marcos river. It was a Saturday so it was pretty busy on the river and the kids were anxious to get in the water. Once we finally all got in our tubes and headed down the river, there were smiles from everybody. Here are Laura and her girls along with Madeline.

I forgot what Bryce was laughing about but I caught him in a belly laugh.

Here is Bryce's eldest, Jacob with Will. This part of the river is lined with those beautiful cypress trees.

With 20+ people floating we did our best to stick together.

Wyatt and Will decided to go with the regular tubes and no bottoms.

Here are Mike, Jacki, Bryce, Dad Carol and Aunt Anne. Notice the empty tube...well Uncle Steve fell out of his tube right before some rapids that quickly sent us down the river. So it took him some time to swim and catch back up to us.

I love this pic of Madeline and Will. She really has a special bond with Mike's boys since we lived by them in Oregon for nearly 2 years.

There is another section of the river with some small rapids and a tree rope swing so we stopped and got out of our tubes to let the kids play. The girls searched for shells, James searched for rocks, and the older boys conquered the rope swing.

Noah swingin'

Elias swingin'

Wyatt swingin' 
(cool timing on this shot, looks like he's walking on water)

Nathaniel swingin'

Laura swingin' :)

James looking for some rocks.

Noah enjoying the rapids.

Ella sittin' on the rapids.

Madeline swimming with Wyatt.

Will swingin'

Ella and Madeline showing Jacki the shells they found.

Another sweet pic, Aunt Anne with Ella, Eden and Madeline.

After a few bumps and bruises of conquering the rapids at the end to get out at Pecan Park we took this group shot. We had so much fun tubing!

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Kelly Jung said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!