Monday, June 27, 2011

Round Up: day 03

So day 03 began with a trip to the ER. My nephew Will was getting out of the car at Texas Sphere ride ready to roll when a strong wind blew the car door shut on his hand. :( Mike and Jacki took him to the hospital but the ER had a long wait (they waited over 4+ hours) so eventually they left and went to a nearby urgent care where he got several shots and 4 stitches! Poor dude!

So we drew names out of a hat and Ethan and Jacob took Will and Mike's places on the Sphere rides. Here is Ethan getting buckled in.

And Elias getting buckled in next. Ethan and Eli said it was super fun. Check them out rolling down the hill:

Rolling buddies!

Next it was Jacob and Wyatt's turn to roll. Jacob slipped out of his safety belt and accidentally kicked Wyatt in the face. whoops! So they got a 2nd roll for free.

Wyatt is ready to roll.

Nathaniel, Ethan, Elias and Noah watching the Sphere rides.

Wyatt and Jacob coming back up the hill.

At the Sphere rides they also have a Ski Ranch where you can go water skiing or wake boarding and be pulled by an electronic pully system instead of a boat. They had a Wahoo's upstairs with a great view of everything so we got some fish tacos while we waiting to hear from Mike on Will's status.

After the Texas Sphere rides we had plans to go to the Blue Hole swimming hole, but with everything that happened we decided to postpone it. So we just came back to our pad and went swimming.

Ella enjoying a fresh dip in the pool.

Mark & Laura's boys underwater: Ethan, Nathaniel and Noah.

Mark with his 2 oldest, Noah and Nathaniel.


Mickie and Matt said...

Bummer about the stitches! But like your hubby said it couldn't have been a family reunion with out SOMEONE going to the ER or Urgent care haha. Hope he is doing a ton better by now. Just watching those bouncing balls rolls down the hill make me want to yack. I get bad motion sickness the older I get... the swimming looks like fun!

Kay said...

Yack? I wanna go on the Sphere thingy!!!

Justine and Fernando said...

Did the Wahoos just open there? I think I read about some recent openings in TX. Madeline looks like a big girl compared to Elia!