Saturday, June 25, 2011

Round Up: day 01

Okay so I'm back :) and I thought I'd blog about our reunion by each day. On day 01 mom, dad, aunt Anne and our family waited for everyone to arrive. Our good friends, the Fujii's arrived for one day on their way to Houston. Uncle Steve arrived with his friend Carol, they went to high school together and she is from Wichita. Then Mike's family arrived, his 3 boys Wyatt, Will and Eli have grown SO much. Mike also brought his friend Jacki. We decided to all go to our neighborhood pool that afternoon while we were waiting for Mark & Laura's family to arrive. 

Here is Madeline with the Fujii's son, James. He was so adorable and had absolutely no fear of jumping into the water. We all had fun watching him.

Elias and James. James loved playing with all his cousins, when of course he wasn't in his grouchy mood. I don't know if I've blogged much about it but James likes being by himself a lot - doesn't like his sissy, or any other kids to bother him. And if they do he can get real grouchy! Here he wasn't though. :)

Mike and his friend, Jacki. She was super sweet. Notice what Stephen is about to do behind them!

Wyatt and Will. Wyatt is about 6'1" now! And he's only 15! Will, aka "Bieber" (Stephen gave him that nickname, he does have a striking resemblance to the super star... or maybe it's just the hair) is such a sweet guy. All the little cousins were hanging on him.

Poppi really got a lot of quality time with his grandkids.

After we came back from swimming Mark and Laura's family arrived! They drove all the way from California stopping in Phoenix and El Paso. It was a long drive, but they made it! Here are the cousins (minus Bryce and Brenda's kids) in our backyard. We set up the tent incase any of the boys wanted to sleep in it. None of them did, they just crashed in our family room and loft floors.

That evening we celebrated Ella (on June 3rd she turned 6), Noah (on June 3rd he turned 11) and Elias (on June 13th he turned 11) birthdays! We picked up individual cakes for them at Sam's Club and decorated the kitchen area for them. We also made and ate bbq ribs that evening.

For Ella's birthday we got her a pink cowgirl hat. Doesn't she look cute!?

We ended that evening with the kids watching a movie in the loft while the adults played some cards downstairs. It was a great first day!

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Mickie and Matt said...

Awesome Pictures! Keep them coming! I can't believe how big Mikes boys have gotten too, seems like it's been forever since we saw them. Matt watched them when Eli was just a baby.