Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

Hope y'all had a blessed Easter. My parents were in town, the kids were excited to have their Oma & Opa here for Easter. We had a great day! Here they are at our church after Mass.
Remember when you were a young girl and for special occasions and holidays you slept in rollers so your hair could be curly? Well Madeline asked me to put her hair in curlers so it could be curly for Easter. :)
Here in Texas they sell these confetti filled real eggs. I guess on Easter it's a tradition to run around and crack them on each others heads. Madeline couldn't wait to trick her Daddy. He was surprised! 
What, you didn't know I had a meeting with the President? Just kidding. For our Easter afternoon we went downtown and visited the LBJ Presidential Library & Museum. Here is the replica of the oval office during his administration.

Outside the library they had this huge fountain. Lets just say Stephen and the kids got pretty wet. But here's a nice pic of my parents in front of the fountain.
After the library we ate at the new Logan's Steakhouse near our home. Then we hid eggs in our backyard for the kids to hunt. It was a really nice Easter.

While my parents have been visiting we also took them out to the Oasis restaurant on Lake Travis. Here is James posing with some monkeys outside the restaurant.
They've remodeled the place since we last ate there over a year ago. They have this Starlight lounge where you can get drinks and appetizers and listen to a live band and dance.
We had a nice dinner with a view of the lake.

There was also a local egg hunt near our home sponsored by the Thunderhill Raceway and a local church. The kids had fun getting eggs from there.

Last time my parents were here we headed out to the town of Wimberley to shop at their antique shops. Well we headed out there again this time to visit this Pioneer Town. It's a replica of an 1800 western town. 
The kids playing in the local saloon. :)
It was really neat how they had it setup.
Opa found an ice cream parlor in Pioneer Town, so we had to stop and get some cones.
Wimberley also has some picturesque rivers and creeks. Here we are at Cypress Creek. The kids were dying to play in some water!
James being a typical boy was finding any large rocks to throw in the river. My parents leave tomorrow, they're going to stop in Santa Fe, New Mexico to sight see and celebrate their wedding anniversary. We're so glad they came for a visit!


Brittney said...

looks like a great weekend! Love that Madeline got her dad with the confetti egg :) I got Derik this weekend too! ha!

Patty said...

Nice pictures. Were we in TX we would have come over but the work is not done yet, hopefully this week. The final walk through is Thursday.

Mickie and Matt said...

You guys are always so great when family comes to town to show your guests a good time. Looks like you did a whole bunch this weekend! I saw two little girls at church yesterday wearing the same Easter dress Madeline had on, it is so cute! Loved all the syrup :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I would love to visit Tx someday.

Sassy Sarah said...

I have been following your blog for awhile now and I can't believe how grown-up your beautiful kids are! It sounds like you had a great Easter holiday with family!