Monday, April 18, 2011

In Perfect Timing

Well our summer temps usually start in May but it looks like we're getting them early this year, weather forecast this week...
I just can't believe some of y'all in parts of the country are still getting snow! So it is in perfect timing that we gave our patio and patio furniture a makeover!

This photo was taken in July 2009 when we were looking at this new home to buy. We loved that they put in an oversize patio slab! Unfortunately the part that is covered is a little too small for our patio furniture to fit under for shade. So for a year an a half we've moved the patio furniture around, the cushions from when we originally bought the set in 2005 in Oregon really began to fade, and the metal on the furniture began to rust.

Here are the old cushions. They lasted 6 years in 3 different homes between Oregon and Texas.

And....WA LA! We bought a 9' Sonoma Market Crank & Tilt Umbrella and new Sonoma Patio Chair Cushions and Decor Pillow. We also bought 2 cans of patio furniture spray paint, and Stephen repainted all the furniture.

I also bought a new plant to pot and put on top our patio table. I didn't want any flowers that would attract wasps and bees, but something colorful. Came across this perennial, Moses in the Cradle. I thought the greens and purples were so pretty and that it had a bold texture. I also picked up 2 hand blown glass Aqua Globes at Ross for $3. I put one in my hibiscus pot on the front porch and one with this Moses in the Cradle. Hopefully they will help keep them alive, as I'm forgetful to water at times. 

So what do you think, does it look inviting? :)

Oh and I just had to share these shots of Jimmy-James being silly with the hose while I was putting the whole patio together. He's such a boy.


Andria said...

Looks great friend! I love that you just painted the old furniture, awesome choice to just fix-up what you already have. The colors of the new cushions are really nice, too!

Kelly Spence said...

Are you kidding? Send some of those temps my way. We are getting rain and cold still. We had snow last week. My poor brother is in San Antonio now as a missionary. He will be biking and proselyting in that weather.

Kelly said...

Looks great!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey - I am certainly glad to discover this. great job!