Wednesday, April 27, 2011

46 days if you count Sundays...

...which I did this Lent when I fasted from all beverages except for water. I thought I'd write a blog post of what I learned from this fast. "Fasting brings us to the realization that we depend on God to sustain us through all things, and that even when our own will fails, God's grace is sufficient in satisfying our hunger." I find much truth to this quote. It wasn't easy for me to only drink water, especially in the beginning of this fast. But when I thought I didn't have the will power, when my stomach turned from drinking water in the early mornings, I focused my attention on my dependence to God and fostering gratitude. I know that many people fast to "get something out of it" (like growing closer to God), but I learned that actually I should focus on what I need to respond to: awareness of sin, repentance, and bringing my body in line with what was happening spiritually. In responding, I did get something out of it. God is awesome.

My water jug during Lent.

"When I fast and I share in that fast with others for others, it is in that moment of giving up that I feel equal with all, especially the least among us." I could relate to this quote during my fast as well. I mean think about it - do you think the homeless and the poor are distracted in their thoughts of the planning and prepping of food? or the sensory pleasure of food? Instead of these distractions I bet more of their thoughts lead to praying and talking to God.

Jesus taught His disciples that prayer and fasting is powerful in casting out demons when He said, "This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer and fasting." Mark 9:29.

I'm glad I did this fast this Lent. I learned a lot, I prayed a lot and I listened a lot. And I recommend doing a physical fast to bring your body in line with what is happening spiritually.

Oh and by the way, on our Easter Celebration I drank a glass of OJ and indulged in a Strawberry Lemonade at dinner. It was a nice treat. :)


Mickie and Matt said...

Awesome quotes thanks for sharing. I fast once a month and about DIE i swear I am hypoglycemic... I should print off those quotes and put them up on the days I fast to keep my temper in check and align myself with the holy spirit.

So do you still drink a lot of water or do you hate it now? Do you notice any physical changes on top of the wonderful spiritual experience?

I thought that picture you posted on FB was cute of Madeline eating her much wanted cheeseburger :) She is darling.

Justine and Fernando said...

Congratulations! Are you at all tempted to have a soda as often anymore?

Spence Ohana said...

Justine, actually no not as tempted. And I notice I get more thirsty for water now when I drink other drinks.

Spence Ohana said...

Mickie, last night I got really thirsty and I opted for water right away. :) Not too many physical changes. I felt like my system got "flushed" out but I didn't really loose any weight from it.

Stephen posted that cheeseburger pic of Madeline from his phone. We ate at the new Logan's Steakhouse for Easter dinner and when we asked Madeline what she wanted she said, "you know what I'm ordering! A cheeseburger!". I'm proud of her, she did a great job with her fast.