Sunday, April 10, 2011

Attempted Easter Pics

Unfortunately Stephen only had 1 day off for his weekend, they're under staffed so he's on 6 day work weeks. So after Stephen left for work today I decided to take the kids to our spot from last year to take some bluebonnet photos so I have some to send with Easter cards. Well we drove to the Kyle Cemetery where we found that beautiful field last year, and to our surprise there weren't many wildflowers that bloomed (I think last year we went at the end of April so maybe we're too early?) and there was a funeral going on. So we left. I see the wildflowers all over the sides of the roads and freeways, but I haven't found another spot that has good photo opts. Bummer. O'well. I did make the kids pose in front of our house when we got back home though - especially since the got a toy at the Dollar Tree and an Icee from Target, they owed me a pic. :)
The other week I bought Madeline and our friend's daughter, Elizabeth, some cute girly sunglasses from Kohl's. But they didn't have any for boys. So on Friday when we were at Walmart James spotted these cool Batman shades. It's hard to tell from the photo, but there are blue bats on the lenses. He likes them a lot.

And who says cool kids don't nap?

While at Target today I remembered a project I wanted to do. I wanted to hang a hook under our kitchen bar counter for a spot Madeline could hang her school backpack. And I also wanted to put a hook near our kitchen sink for hanging dish cloths. Picked up this nice set of satin nickel finish hooks for $3. Got the drill out, and bam! 2 house projects complete. :)

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