Friday, April 8, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (volume 3)

- 1 -
We're back to reality after the Frey family went home on Tuesday. Don't you hate that, you do all these fun outings and eat yummy food when you have guests and then when they leave it's back to boring meals at home, work, school and going to bed early? Too bad it can't just be crazy fun (like James expression in this photo) all the time. Well we have guests coming again in 2 weeks, Oma and Opa will be here for Easter!

- 2 -
Speaking of Easter, I've been looking up some new recipes to make. I think however I will make that quiche I made last year. But I have been checking out Allrecipes site for some new recipes. I think I'm going to try this new deviled eggs one. Our ohana loves eggs!

- 3 -
While on Allrecipes I submitted my first recipe on there. I was inspired by this dessert we picked up at the Texas Pie Company while the Frey's were here. Chocolate Ganache S'mores. Mine didn't turn out exactly like the one from the bakery - but they were pretty yummy. Check out my recipe here.

- 4 -
After all these talks about Madeline's heart, improving her stamina and eating well to stay healthy and not get fat (I know my recipes above aren't helping much, but they are for special occasions only)... Madeline has taken it upon herself to exercise at home on top of the exercises she does at school in P.E. She's been using my hand weights, doing push ups, jumping jacks, running in place each afternoon after she gets home from school. Very proud of her. Oh and I must mention she was awarded by her school bus driver his "best student rider" this year. I'm proud that she's always behaving very well on the school bus and at school.

- 5 -
Since playing a game on Ms. Kate's computer across the street, James loves to have some time on our laptop playing fun learning games on I think it's SO weird that my kids are learning how to use a computer at such young ages. Madeline even has computer class at school, it starts in Kindergarten! James is pretty good now navigating around on the computer. His favorites are Curious George and Word World. 

My parents probably got their first computer in the mid 80's so I started using one when I was a little older than Madeline and James. My favorite games were:
 Remember these!?

- 6 -

I've made it 4 weeks of drinking water only for Lent. I'm telling you with God's Grace you can conquer anything! Those first 2 weeks were hard - I was craving all my favorite drinks. And my body was uncomfortable because the water was flushing me out. I prayed a lot, focused on more important things and powered through it. It would have been nice to have a drink of something else while our guests were visiting, but I went ahead and toasted with my water. Now I have 2.5 weeks to go. Cake. I can do it. This fast has definitely made me realize how thankful I am to God for all that I have.

- 7 -
Anyone else out there enjoying wearing your shades in this beautiful Spring-Summer-ish weather? We are! Love this time of year. Going to try and take the kids this weekend to take their Bluebonnet photos so I can send some off with Easter cards.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Kassie @ Secret Vatican Spy said...

Ahhh! Bluebonnets! So jealous! It's been three years since I've seen the bluebonnets - but I'm transferring schools and moving back to Texas, so this time next year? You'd better believe I'm getting bluebonnet pictures, I don't care that I'm 21!

Justine and Fernando said...

Good job on the Lenten water drinking!