Thursday, March 10, 2011

Newborn Shadow Boxes

Madeline getting her hospital photo taken before leaving the hospital.

I am so excited. I just stopped by the Hobby Lobby store and got a great deal (50% off) on two beautiful large shadow box frames. I am going to use them and put Madeline and James' newborn home-from-the-hospital outfits in them along with a few other mementos. I've had this idea for a really long time and I'm feeling creative this weekend so I'm finally going to start on the project.

James taking his first nap after coming home from the hospital.

Stephen and I are pretty sure we won't be having any more children. We feel that God has blessed us with a girl and a boy that bring an abundance of love, joy and happiness to our family - we feel complete. After looking at family and friends baby photos on Facebook, I kept thinking to myself "they grow so fast and I remember when Madeline and James were that tiny". Well we all know what happens as we get older, we tend to forget things. I think having these shadow boxes hanging in our home will be a sweet reminder of how little they were and how fast they grow.

If any of you have ever made these Newborn Shadow Boxes I'd love to hear your ideas! And even see photos of them. What did you put in them? I will definitely be putting their outfits and booties in them (Stephen honey, I need you to get them down from our attic! :) and I was also thinking of putting their birth announcement photos in them.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea - i cant wait to see how they turn out. Heather C.