Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Incredible" photos from our weekend

All these photos were taken with Stephen's new Droid "Incredible" phone except for the last one of Penny. I think his phone camera takes pretty good pictures. They've really come a long way with phone cameras. We had a nice outing on Saturday. We went to the new sports Academy store in San Marcos to pick up a new enclosure net for our trampoline. The kids and Stephen were trying out cowboy hats in the clothing section. Our lil Texan cowgirl.
We went to the outlet stores in San Marcos as well. Madeline needed new flip flops for the Spring and Summer since she's outgrown hers and they have teeth marks from Penny in them. I went to the Children's Place because I love the quality of their flip flops and they are usually inexpensive. They had a sale 2 for $6 or $3.50 each. Madeline picked out this really cute pair, I couldn't believe she fits a size 3/4 now! Anyways I browsed the store a little more and then thought about how fancy these flip flops were into comparison of the others so I asked if they were part of the sale promo. They weren't, and they shouldn't have been stocked near those. But the sales rep said she would honor the price for me since they were in the wrong spot. These were normally $9.95 and I got them for $3.50. Score! Also bought $4 kid shorts from Old Navy as well as a new top for me that was only $7.50. I love great deals!
While I finished checking out and also shopped inside Old Navy, Stephen took the kids to get some ice cream cones and apparently to go rock climbing. ;)
After we shopped we hit up Texas Roadhouse. Madeline got a coupon from a school event for a free appetizer there. Yum, we love the Texas Roadhouse. We forgot though that the one in San Marcos you could still smoke inside. And towards the end of our meal Stephen noticed the smoke smell, some people in the bar were lighting up. It was funny cause he was pretty disgusted by the smell and said to me, "I don't know how you put up with me those years I used to smoke, it smells really bad!". The things we tolerate for love.
When we got home I realized I needed to catch up on taking some photos for my 365 photo blog.  So I was taking some pics of Madeline's new cute flip flops when Penny came over by me and sat and laid down. The light from our window was hitting her perfectly and I got some really great shots of her with my new Samsung PL200 camera. Hope y'all had a great weekend! It's Spring break week for us, well for Madeline.

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Mickie and Matt said...

Cute Cowgirl you have there! I didn't know Stephen used to smoke. Agreed, it stinks! Love the deals at Childrens Place. Oh and we went to Texas Roadhouse this weekend too for dinner. Oh it was so good. I think Ty ate 2 rolls himself and Matt had to have eaten at least 6. Crazy.