Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Good Ash Wednesday

Stephen's interview went well today, that's how he feels. He did his best answering the questions and talking about why he would be a great candidate for this position. It'll be a couple of days before he gets word of who will fill the position. Please continue to keep him in your prayers, it's in God's hands. Glory be to Him.

Stephen's also been putting in extra hours at work, so lately we pretty much see each other in passing. I know his hard work will be recognized. He wasn't able to go to Mass with us this evening for Ash Wednesday although he really wanted to. The Church was overflowing with people, which I think is awesome because we were all reminded tonight what this season prepares us for, the celebration of Christ our savior and what He did for us. It reminded us to pray to Him and repent, so we may know His mercy. It was a Good Ash Wednesday.

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