Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So this morning our cousin Mickie posted on Facebook that she found stroopwafels at her local Walmart. What!? Some of you may remember me posting about Stroopwafels in my favorite Dutch snacks 2 years ago. I rarely get to eat them because I haven't found anywhere local that sells them except for a World Market in North Austin and it is very expensive. Well luckily my mom and my tante bring or send stroopwafels anytime they visit Holland or a Dutch bakery here in the States. Mickie also has a Dutch bakery near her home in Utah, and bless her heart she thought of me and sent me goodies from there. So I had to head to Walmart after work today to find out if our local Walmart carries stroopwafels.... mmmmmmm.....yes! I'm thrilled. Thanks Mickie!

Weekend recap. Madeline lost baby tooth #8! She was brushing her teeth Sunday night before bed and the tooth next to her top front middle left one fell out onto her tongue! Luckily she didn't swallow it or spit it down the drain. The tooth fairy left her $1.

So with our new 55" LED HDTV downstairs in our family room, we had our 46" LCD HDTV to put upstairs in the kid's loft. We sold their big screen projector tv last November hoping to get a new tv on Black Friday or during Christmas, we missed out. So it's great to finally have a tv to put up there for them. We wanted to wall mount it so there is more floor space for the kids to play. I bought a wall mount on Amazon for around $25, also bought a component shelf for around the same $. They were delivered on Saturday so we got the HDTV up on the wall!

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Mickie and Matt said...

Ohh yes, can you believe they are only $2.50 too? Matt polished our bag off in ohhh 5 minutes. He puts them in the microwave for a few seconds then scarfs. I probably ate 5? Now that I know they are there I am going to have to stop by and get them for my special treat :) Funny how they call them Dutch Carmel waffle cookies. I can't believe Madeline has all ready lost 8 teeth! Isn't she just in first grade? I think I just started loosing my teeth then... can't remember. Oh and the TV looks awesome upstairs!