Friday, January 28, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (volume 2)

- 1 -
This Sunday, January 30th, marks the 2nd year anniversary of my Oma's passing. Oh how I miss her. Just looking at her photos on the blog I dedicated to her, and listening to the music on there brings tears to my eyes. This old photo is of her with my Opa, my Dad and my Tante. I think it's such a classic. Thinking of all my loved ones who have passed on, especially this weekend.
"A human life is a story told by God." ~Hans Christian Andersen

- 2 -
I missed aiding for my CCD students at Church this Monday because Madeline was home sick so she was definitely not going to her CCD class, and I forgot I had my 6 month cleaning appointment at the Dentist. I really enjoy being a catechist aide at our parish. next year I hope to aide or teach in Madeline's 2nd grade class as they will be receiving their First Holy Communion next year! Speaking of the Eucharist, I receive many hits (almost daily) on this post that I wrote about the topic.

- 3 -
So after 32 years I still have managed to have ZERO cavities! But boy on Monday were my gums ever angry. You see I'll confess, I'm terrible at remembering to floss. The hygienist said my gums were on the verge of gingivitis, yikes! Hopefully she was just trying to scare me, cause the actual Dentist didn't mention it to me. Never the less they both did say if I want to keep my gorgeous teeth - FLOSS. Okay, okay...I'll try. I did forget to ask, but I feel like my teeth are starting to stain yellow (and I don't even smoke or drink coffee!). I checked out the teeth whitening strips at HEB, have any of you used those? How were the results?
 - 4 -
Does anyone out there still not have Netflix? Seriously our family are Netflixaholics. We use it every day to watch shows. And then a few times a week we watch some movies. We also get blu-rays in the mail that are not available to instantly stream. I love that it has SO many television series on there. The kids have all their favorite cartoons (some are really educational) and Stephen and I are enjoying shows we never thought of watching in years past. Oh and I am also using it to upload exercise workouts - with all this tv watching I need to exercise. :)

- 5 -
Our new LED HDTV was delivered this morning. We had some issues getting the base on, but problem was solved. Let me tell you, the picture is amazing! The colors are so bright and vivid. I was remembering back today at one of the old tv's at my parents home growing up - my how things have changed. What will tv's be like in 30 more years?

- 6 -
Madeline's teacher sent home a note the other week that their class is going on a field trip the end of next month and only two parent volunteers could come with them and ride the bus. She would randomly pick names from this list of volunteers. Well today I found out I got picked! So excited, I loved going with my daughter last year on her kindergarten field trip - this one should be just as fun!

- 7 -
In case you didn't notice on my side bar, I've started a new blog.


Kelly Jung said...

I understand how you feel about your Oma.I think often of my Papa and Mimi. Oh how I miss them! I was so blessed to grow up with a great grandmother and I miss that experience for my children. I know they would have loved to be a part of these two kids lives.

And just to answer one of your questions - we don't have NetFlix :0)

Elizabeth said...

No cavities?! Wow. My teeth are very prone to cavities and I do everything I'm supposed to!

I love Netflix! I bet that makes things easier with your kids!

Great post!

Elizabeth said...

NO cavities?!? That's crazy. My teeth are very prone to cavities and I do everything I'm supposed to. I hope your streak continues!

I love Netflix! I'm sure that makes things easier with your kids!

Great post!