Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Movie Review

It's been a long while since I've done a Netflix movie review blog post. Well yesterday we made a big purchase and got a great Superbowl deal on a new 55" LED HDTV and Blu-ray bundle package. We'll be putting this big TV downstairs and moving our 46" upstairs in the kid's loft. The kids are stoked because now they have a blu-ray upstairs in their loft that plays their Netflix movies. Lately they have been into watching WordWorld and the Pink Panther. We're going to attempt to mount and hang these TV's ourselves, hope that goes well!!

The Karate Kid
rated PG
I gave this movie **** stars.
I don't know about any of you, but I grew up watching the old Karate Kid movies with Danny and Mr. Miyagi and loved them! So I was looking forward to seeing this remake and I believe Smith and Chan did a great job! It goes with the same old storyline: kid gets bullied, he finds teacher who teaches to defend himself. And this all takes place in Beijing. If you have a free movie night, this is one worth watching.
Green Zone
rated R
I gave this movie *** and a 1/2 stars.
Did any of you ever wonder why we went to war and found no weapons of mass destruction? Stephen and I have pondered that and it makes us sad to think that the leaders of our country may have had another agenda to go to war. Well this movie covers this very topic. I think Matt Damon is a great actor and he did a great job in this movie. Like with many typical war thriller movies there is a bit of bad language, but otherwise it was a very interesting movie and worth seeing! 
A Perfect Getaway
rated UR
I gave this movie *** stars.
The story of this movie takes place in Hawaii with Newlyweds. They hear in the news that another Newlywed couple on another island had been brutally murdered by a couple. They decide to continue on with their adventurous honeymoon meeting strange couples along the way having you wonder if any of them might be the murderers. Stephen and I enjoyed this flick. It had us guessing along the way. And talking about what we would do if we were in this situation. It's an entertaining crime thriller.

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