Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Testing, Testing 1...2...3...

First of all, I just noticed that this is my 900th blog post. Amazing, can't believe I've written and shared so many times on this blog. I wonder what my 1000th post will be? So on my Monday Movie Review post before this one I mentioned we got a new LED HDTV and a blu-ray player - well I also got a new camera! You see last year I had 2 cameras, my regular point and shoot one that took pretty sharp photos and my water proof one. Well mister Jimmy-James got ahold of my regular one and forced the lens in so it broke. For months I just used my waterproof camera, and although it's super cool it doesn't take the sharpest of photos. So we bought this new Samsung PL200 14.2 mega pixel 7x optical with a 3" LCD monitor. It has a lot of super cool modes and effects, records HD movies, and it also detects if your subject is smiling or has blinked! I still have to read through the manual and learn it all. I also want to learn how to do all the manual settings and take photos that way. I took photography in my college Arts program, but this was before digital cameras! (Gosh I'm old). A few of my friends are doing those "365" photo blogs, and one is signing up for this "Joy of Love" photo workshop in February that I might attempt to do. So stay tuned!

Below are just a few test snap shots I took with the camera. I love the sharpness and close up details you can see with this camera. I'm excited!

My favorite girl.

Don't let her fool you with these sad puppy eyes.

Doesn't he have the most gorgeous eyelashes!? Madeline said his eyelashes make him look like a girl.

My weakness this week, the Omaha Steak - Caramel Apple Tartlets Stephen's boss sent us for Christmas. They have been in our freezer forgotten about - and oh how I have been enjoying them. Had to take a picture and share.  

P.S. I bought the accidental insurance warranty through Best Buy for 2 years for only $40 total. That way if I drop it, or James gets ahold of it, or sand gets in the lens, etc. I can exchange it for a new one!

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Anonymous said...

Those pictures look great. So excited to start the photo project!