Thursday, January 13, 2011

A glimpse

I am really fortunate to be working for such an awesome company! I thought I'd give y'all a glimpse of where I go every morning (well 5 days a week). The company has really grown since I've been there the 2.5 years. And business is great! The owners gave our front lobby and hallway a face lift with new artwork and furniture.

The cool thing is, all the artwork you see up on the walls was worked on by me! I scanned the original artwork, color corrected the digital files to match the original artwork as close as possible and then made master print files to print from. These are all printed on acrylic, metal, wood and canvas. Pretty snazzy huh?

Also, I had my review with my Art Director boss this Monday - and I earned a raise! Love my job.


Kelly said...

That is so great that you earned a raise! It looks like a really nice place to work.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, that sounds like an awesome job!! I'd love to be surrounded by creativity all day!