Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Battling Bloggers Block

I've been having trouble of thinking what to blog about lately. But with the holidays past us now, back to work and Madeline back to school, CCD starting back up again - we'll be back in the routine and I'm sure my Bloggers Block will subside. In the meantime here are a few miscellaneous photos and topics. I snapped this shot of Penny Lane last week. Hard to believe in December and Winter time it was warm enough outside to leave our back door open and Penny enjoyed some nice, relaxing, sunbathing.

The eve before New Year's Eve the kids were jumping on the trampoline out back and noticed our next door neighbor's dachshunds were poking their heads through a hole under the fence to see what was going on. Next thing we know their female dachshund, Molly, had a jail break and joined the kids and Penny in our backyard. Molly forgot though how terrified she is when Penny tries to play (run over) and wrestle with her. She started shaking in fear. LOL So we brought her inside until our neighbors got home and the kids enjoyed picking her up and holding her (they can't do that with Penny).

Molly is a little sweetheart.

I think it was New Year's day I decided to do some major cleaning and reorganizing some of our kitchen cupboards. It never fails when Stephen and I sit down to relax the kids ask for something to drink. So I decided to move all the kids dishware down below to a bottom cupboard. Problem solved. They both know how to get water from our fridge, and Madeline can even pour milk or juice if the cartons aren't too full. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner.

So for my Christmas letter photos I used a company called ArtsCow that I learned about from my neighbor. They offered tons of freebies on their site like 50 free 5x7 prints, and 2 free camera cases. Of course there was shipping charges and they were higher than normal cause the company is based in Hong Kong. Well I know cousin Mickie used them as well and all of us (including my neighbor) were not satisfied with their services. Except....I do love my camera cases. But I definitely won't be using them again in the future - shipping took too long, they printed my photos on glossy when I asked for matte, they shipped the camera cases separately and a little later. O'well you live and learn. These two pics are the front and back of my camera case. Probably 2 of my all time favorite pics: James and Madeline they day we brought him home from the hospital, and Stephen and I snorkeling in Hawaii on my high school graduation trip. I already received a compliment on it when I had it out on the table at a restaurant. The other case I got for my parents with pictures of their 3 grand kids on one side and pics of all their children and grandchildren on the other side. My mom LOVES it! Although she didn't get it until after Christmas.

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