Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Goal

So this afternoon was my first time trying out Pilates. Both Stephen and I made a goal to loose weight this year, we want to feel and be more healthy! I'd like to drop approximately 40lbs. Since high school my weight has yo yo'd putting on and dropping 40-50lbs. give or take during life changes (work, moving, having children) - and as of right now I'm on the "putting on" part of the cycle. It was probably the summer of 2007 the last time I felt good about my weight. I had been nursing James for about 9 months (I was a pro at burning calories by breastfeeding!) and exercising, and for some reason the weight came off pretty easily compared to after I had Madeline. I dropped 50lbs. and was below the weight I was at when I got pregnant with James. Unfortunately I have gained back approx. 40lbs. since then. And this time I don't have breastfeeding on my side to help me burn calories. So I am going to try to workout for at least 40 minutes a day, 6 days a week. Watch my food portions, and try not to eat late. We'll see if these changes bring any results. I uploaded a few fitness videos to our Netflix queue and tried Pilates. I liked it! Even though I couldn't hold half the positions. But I tried, and my muscles responded by shaking and being sore afterwards. James and Madeline were totally curious and joining me. Madeline telling me, "Mom you are already looking skinnier to me!". "Thanks babe but it doesn't happen that fast." She then tells me, "But Mommy you can't get rid of your fat around your tummy, because that is from when James and I were in your tummy, and that is love." Sweet huh. And although I don't mind some of my motherhood scars - fat is one I do mind and rather get rid of! Below I uploaded some eGo photos to remember that I can do this and be at that weight again. Madeline liked looking at the old photos of mama and dada.
4 years ago - summer of 2007 at our cousin's wedding in Iowa.

10 years ago, Christmas 2001 I believe - before I had children.

14 years ago, Valentines 1997 I believe. Madeline said, "Wow you guys look different, Dada has rock star hair and his eyebrows are bigger." LOL

So wish us luck, send your encouragement - we can use it!


Michaela said...

I love Madeline's comments! She is such a sweet girl!

Pilates is great! I took a class once and thought there was no way it would make a difference (it was a pretty easy class for beginners), but it didn't take long at all to see results! Good luck, and try to have fun with your new work out regime :)

Kelly and Nate said...

Good luck! Love looking at the old pictures. I'd like to lose about 10 lbs. myself. I am about at prepregnancy weight but would like to lose a little more. I look forward to hearing about your progress.

Mickie and Matt said...

You go guys! If we lived closer you know I would be doing all those DVD's with you. A quick work out I like on Netflix Instant is the CRUNCH: Boot Camp one, it didn't seem hard at first but made me pretty sore the next day and it's on 30 minutes. Not bad of time for a full body work out. :) Good luck and keep up the good hard work it's totally worth it!

Kelly Jung said...

Good for you guys! Pilates is a great start. Add in some cardio too and you will do great! Its great you are doign this. Its not only good for you but a good example for the kids.

grampa spence said...

I'm right there with the both of y'all. In heart. Y'all are both rock stars to me right now. Love ya and good luck with whatever makes you feel good. Uncle Steve

Justine and Fernando said...

Brave to put up the comparison pictures! Good luck! I think you guys can do it!! And that is sooo sweet what Madeline said.