Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year of Photos 2010

Well this was a difficult task, we had so much happen this year...
January 1, 2010 haircuts for the kids!

Treasured memories with my funny Valentines.

March means Rodeo Austin - this year we went with Catlynn & Patricia Kovacs.

Madeline and I had our first "Mother/Daughter Trip" to California. Here is Madeline with her cousins at a family wedding.

A sibling and grandchildren portrait at our home for my parents. My brothers, sister in-law and nephew came for a visit!

My very best friend, Robyn, gets married in Newport Beach, California.

A mid summer trip to Mississippi and Louisiana - the kids checking out the Mighty Mississippi River.

James caught his first chicken (literally he chased and grabbed it!) while visiting some friends at their family's home here in Austin.

September. Fall. Football. They all go together. And Nana was here to root for her Cheerleader Princess.

Where did our baby go? Did he really turn 4?

Nothing like going to the batting cages on a warm October night with our cousins from Hawaii visiting.

They really do love each other...sometimes.

We always end the year with a birthday celebration!

Happy New Year!
We welcome 2011!


You and Me, plus 3 said...

Very Cute! You guys had a really great year :-)

steve said...

Those were great pics. I love the one of the kids watching the mighty mississippi.

Mickie and Matt said...

Love it! See it is super hard to pick just one for the month. James looks SO MUCH older in his 4 year old photo! Beautiful family you have there :)

Kelly Jung said...

Very cool. I love them all!