Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weekend Pics

I'm so mad I had my camera on the wrong setting Christmas morning, so a few of these photos are pretty grainy and not too sharp. O'well. Here are the kids when they came downstairs to find all the presents under the tree!
James opening his stocking stuffers. On Black Friday I found these neat mini LED flashlights at Kohl's. The kids love em! Seriously, you would think they were their favorite gifts they got this year.
One of the gifts Santa brought Madeline was this Discovery Kids laptop. It has all sorts of spelling and word games on it. She really likes it.
Christmas evening we went to see the Trail of Lights in Wimberley. It was freezing temps that night, but we still enjoyed walking around and seeing all the fun displays.
They had a few of these photo boards to pose behind.
And before we left because of James' freezing hands, he took one with me.
The day after Christmas we went to a few stores and then had some lunch at Steak'n'Shake (we had some coupons). We got these super yummy peppermint chip shakes and delicious diner food. While we were there several people commented on Stephen and Madeline's Viking hats. Stephen's is new, his Christmas gift from us. Anyway the restaurant manager started talking to us about Favre. And then this older man sitting in the booth next to ours stood up and asked if we were from Minnesota. He was from there. So Stephen had small talk with him and explained that his parents were from the Midwest and his Dad liked the Vikings, so he's always been a fan. Then when we were checking out Stephen went to the register after some Bear's fans had paid - he told the manager he was waiting for the Bear's fans to leave. She laughed and said they weren't even going home to watch the game but going shopping! It's so funny how these hats sparked so much conversation that day!

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