Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

I'll have to post more pics later this week, but until then you get these 2 cute ones. :) We had a nice, mellow Christmas weekend home alone - just our lil family of 4. The kids woke at about 8am Christmas morning. And they were super excited about all their gifts. They had a fun time opening all of them. The rest of the morning and afternoon was spent playing with new toys and watching movies. That evening we got dressed and drove out to Wimberley. It's a small country town about 25 minutes West of us. Each year they have a Trail of Lights display. So we bundled up, it was 39 degrees out! The lights were so pretty. They also had a yule log burning with free hot chocolate and marshmallows and $1 dogs to roast. James' hands started turning red and numb, he said they hurt so that was are cue to head home. Once back home where it was warm and cozy, I made a late Christmas dinner - some Omaha steaks and pork chops with twice baked potatoes. 

Santa brought Madeline an Easy Bake Oven. So today she made and baked some brownies. She's wearing the Christmas gift I made for her, her very own apron. She really liked baking. Today we also went out to lunch and used our Steak'n'Shake coupons. Had some yummy burgers and patty melts along with peppermint chip shakes. Yum! We stopped by Target and Walmart so I could pick up some Christmas wrapping stuff for next year that was on clearance. And tonight since the Vikes game was postponed due to snow, we watched a Netflix movie "Legendary". It was a good flick!

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You and Me, plus 3 said...

Glad you guys had a great Christmas! Your kids are so darn cute.