Friday, August 20, 2010

Outside of Georgetown

Earlier this week I gave a preview post about James chasing chickens. Well last weekend one of my high school girlfriends, Erica, was in town with her hubby and kids visiting her in-laws who live in a rural area NW of Austin near Georgetown. They're thinking about moving to the Austin area and came out here back in May but we missed them that time. So I was happy to drive the kids and I up to see them this time. Her in-laws own some acreage and have some goats and chickens on their property. My kids loved it! They had a chicken coop and before I realized it, feathers were being ruffled from my son chasing all the chickens around. He caught 2 all by himself and picked them up! This kid is fast.

Erica picked up a chicken so the girls could hold one. Her kids, Sara and Michael, are a year younger than Madeline and James but they get along and play great together!

Some of the chickens got outside of the coop...but that didn't get them away from wrangler he is chasing another chicken!

The girls checked to see if any eggs were laid. The chickens answer, "it's too hot!".

They had a mama goat with her 2 doelings. Boy do these goats love their crackers! Erica's mother in-law is also a Dutch Indo like me! So that's a neat connection we have. She was so very sweet.

While the girls were inside coloring, the boys wanted to climb some trees. It was a great visit all in all. It's fun to catch up with old friends and find out where life has taken them now.

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