Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kyle Invaders Cheer

I may have mentioned before that Madeline is doing cheerleading this Fall. Last school year she took a break from taking dance lessons because she was starting school full time. She really missed going to dance class and performing. So when her school bus driver gave her a flyer the end of the school year for football/cheer, and Madeline expressed how much she wanted to sign up - we decided to let her try it out. It's pretty affordable, much less than dance lessons and recital costs. It's only August through the first week of November, which is just plenty to get her dance fix of.

Today was her first game to cheer at. The football players had a Jamboree scrimmage today. Seeing those lil guys with their big helmets on made me chuckle, they were so cute! Luckily Stephen works mid shift on Saturdays so he should be able to make most of Madeline's Saturday morning games. Daddy's Litte Girl with her most favorite guy in the whole wide world.

Here Madeline is with her new friend Ashley. Ashley asked Madeline if she "wants to be friends" last week at practice and then gave her a hug after practice was done. Kids are so cute. Madeline and Ashley go to the same school and we found out Ashley is starting first grade too and will be in the classroom right next to Madeline's classroom.

Aren't the football players in the distant so cute? And the girls looked so pretty.

There's a few younger girls on the squad...their attention span isn't as long as the girls Madeline's age. Notice the little girl in the front row, no longer holding her pom poms and cheering - but her chip bag. :) The girls remembered their cheers they just need to practice at being LOUDER!

Taking a water break and sitting by brother. Yes, Jimmy-James has his hand in his pants for some reason. And it was sunny, bright and HOT out!

"Let's hear it for the boys! Go Kyle Invaders!"

Let's hear it...." I N V A D E R S, Invaders, Invaders, Ya!

It was a fun first game! Can't wait for the Fall Football weather to arrive though. :)

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