Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School!

We have a 1st grader!!! This morning was Madeline's first day of school. Summer couldn't have gone by fast enough for her, she was ready to go back to school!

She's grown so much since last year. (And so has our shrub in the planter :)

Put a special note in her lunch to bring a smile to her face at lunchtime.

Giving Daddy a kiss goodbye. She's such a Daddy's Girl.

She was super chipper this morning. It's still dark out but her bus comes to pick her up at 6:58am. When I woke her up this morning, still half asleep she said, "it smells like an airport morning...yawn". I thought it was funny she said that. Many times we'll take super early morning flights and she's always excited to wake up early for them.

Getting off the bus at school. Last year I drove to her school for the first 2 weeks to meet her getting off her bus because she would cry and be so worried. Not this year - she was super confident and all smiles!

She remembered from "back to school" night exactly where her new classroom was. Plus she knows it because it's the "puppy dog room", her teacher decorated the room in a dog theme.

She found her cubby hole right away and hung up her backpack.

And was super excited that this year she gets her very own school desk. Last year the kindergarteners sat 4-5 to a table. She got right to work at writing her name and coloring. So proud of our baby girl!

P.S. Here is an extra pic and video clip....Madeline's last summer swim before school starts.


Mickie and Matt said...

Man, a FIRST GRADER? Wow! She picked a cute outfit for the first day :) I remember worrying about all that stuff too. So fun! Will James be doing any pre-school this year? Kristin just signed Jason up and he is ecstatic.

Anonymous said...

So cute! She looks like you.

JaNice Little

Anonymous said...






steve said...

Madeline you look so grown up. Uncle Steve is so proud of you. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Madeline,

Opa and Oma are sooooooooooooooooooo proud of you too! Wishing you a wonderful year in 1st grade. Loved all the pictures. Talk to you soon, with lots of our love also for James and Mom and Dad.

Armilyn and David said...

Congratulations Madeline.

Alex and us miss you. Alex can't wait to start school next week.

stormy poss said...


I know you will love 1st grade as much as kindergarden because you will learn to read all kinds of books that will make you smarter than you already are. Love you sweetheart.


Michaela said...

wow 1st grade! She's so cute! I can't believe how dark it is outside when the bus comes to get her. I hate waking up in the dark. But so cute what she said about an airport morning!!