Sunday, July 18, 2010

Finally a weekend home...

We've been traveling so much and have had such a busy summer it was nice to have a weekend home. We still try to make it fun though! The kids always get super excited with the different cars Daddy brings home from work. So this weekend, the kids ran back in the house and said, "Mommy, mommy! Daddy brought home a convertible race car!". So we took a ride in our sweet ride to...the grocery store. Well the kids did get to get an Icee. Oh and just so people know why our daughter always displays this hand gesture in every photo - she's not a heavy metal rock star follower, she's just a true Texan Longhorn gal!

James reaction to driving with the top down. I think he kept his eyes closed the entire time we were driving!

Watermelon seed spitting champion....Madeline lost tooth #4 last night! And she has 2 other really loose teeth! Starting first grade next month, she'll be the toothless wonder. :)

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The Kilian Family Four said...

How fun! Love that you guys are able to test drive all kinds of new cars.

Maddie looks so cute with her missing teeth. Hard to believe school is almost in again. Seems like they just started vacation.