Friday, July 23, 2010

All I want for Christmas... my 2 front teeth! Madeline lost tooth #5 this morning. Her other top front tooth - the other top front one she lost in CA last month, you can see the adult tooth already coming down. She's growing up so fast!

Last week we had a crazy thunderstorm come through. We were getting bored of watching movies so we pulled the dominos out to have some fun with the kids.

James' domino tower!

Whoops, Madeline accidentally knocked them down before her and Daddy where done!

And meet the newest members of our family, starting from the left Squiggles, Butter Cheeks and Pip Squeak. While in CA last month Oma bought Madeline Pip Squeak for loosing her tooth #3. So last week when she lost tooth #4 she got baby Butter Cheeks along with a baby stroller (credit for tooth #5 which she lost this morning). And well James got to get his first Zhu Zhu pet, Squiggles. These are the craze right now.

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Rachel said...

Wow Madeline! You don't even have to bite on your french fries. You can stick 'm right through the hole where your teeth were...
So many grown-up teeth coming - that means you're really a big girl now :-)