Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My Oom Folly sitting on the dock of the lakehouse he and my Tante Patty just bought on Lake Houston. We headed to Houston this past weekend. My Tante Hanna from Holland is visiting the States. She stayed with my parents in California for a few weeks and now she's with my Oom and Tante in Houston visiting. My parents along with my Tante Freidl (I know so many "Tante's"!) flew out to Houston this past weekend to meet up with everyone, see the lakehouse my Oom and Tante just bought and celebrate my Tante Patty's 65th birthday! So of course we had to drive out there and join them all!

Starting from the left: Oom Folly, Tante Patty, Tante Hanna, my Mom and Tante Freidl. This is the beautiful view of the lake sitting on their boat dock.

My Dad with Oom Folly (my Mom's brother) in the backyard of the lakehouse.

We got in later in the evening so my cousin Whitney (Oom Folly's eldest son) took us by the lakehouse to check things out. Here is Whit, Stephen and the kids on the boat dock. A gnarly storm was rolling in, that's a humongous storm cloud above them, with clear skies and the sunset in the distance.

The 2nd day we came back so we could swim in the really nice pool that overlooks the lake in the backyard. The kids, Stephen and my Dad got in the pool right away! Oh and that scarecrow is there to scare of the pesky geese that kept terrorizing the yard and pool area because of a hole in the fence. But my Dad and Oom fixed the hole.

Jimmy-James digging the pool.

Opa swimming with his granddaughter.

This girl loves to swim!

Of course, again giving her "Hook'em" gesture.

Tante Hanna, Tante Patty and my Mom enjoying the pool swing and watching the kids.

Can you guess who that is? Yup it's Opa (aka my Dad) wearing Madeline float ring as a hat, Madeline's swim goggles and trying out the new technique Stephen taught him by blowing water out of a pool noodle.

Ariel and her boyfriend came over to swim too. Madeline loves Ariel.

Back at my Oom and Tante's other home we had a birthday celebration feast! Here is Tante Hanna, Tante Patty (the birthday girl) and my Mom again. This is Madeline and James' first time meeting my Tante Hanna from Holland (Madeline was still in my tummy last time we were in Holland and saw her) and the first thing Madeline observes about her, "Mommy, Tante Hanna has the same haircut as Tante Patty and Oma does!". Kids are so funny.

James and Madeline digging into the yummy Indonesian dinner!

The kids were excited that Tante Hanna brought them gifts all the way from Holland!

Tante Hanna was happy to love on Madeline and James - as they reminded her of her grandsons Yoram and Yair she misses back home.

Tante Xenia (on the right) brought my parents and Tante's shopping at this cute town in Houston and they found this shop. Yup - they definitely are Dutch girls! After Houston, we brought my parents and Tante Freidl back home with us. We've been doing lots of fun stuff - so I have lots more pictures and stories to blog about. Stay tuned!


Rachel said...

Love the update and pictures! Yair said 'oma' when he saw oma, first time ever! (He couldn't say it yet...)

Looking forward to see more pictures :D

Rachel said...

Forgot to say; when Yoram saw the picture of oma and Madeline and James, he said; there's oma and Yoram! Then he looked again and said, oh no, I'm joking - that's not me... (I think for a second he thought he saw himself in James) :D

Michaela said...

It looks like you guys had such a great time. That is a beautiful home and you can't beat the location.