Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Our neighborhood pool opened back up this past Saturday, and just in time for the 90 degree temps we started getting this week! Madeline has been asking to go everyday. So if our afternoons aren't too busy I've been trying to take them. Yesterday when I took the kids Madeline was adamant about learning to swim without her life vest. Her school mate, Emily, which we've seen twice at the pool already knows how to swim which is a big motivator for Madeline. Here she is practicing putting her face under water (a BIG deal for her, she hates getting her face wet just like her mommy!). I'm surprised this snapshot even came out clear because she did it so fast. We have much more practicing to do!
James isn't as fond of the bigger pool - he prefers the kiddie pool still.

It definitely is cool to take pictures in the water and from these perspectives. Look for more "Waterproof!" blog posts in the future!


Michaela said...

I love these pictures! How fun to have a waterproof camera!

Justine and Fernando said...

I can smell the chlorine in that first picture! Great pics! I so want this camera now!!