Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday (Belated) Movie Review

Couples Retreat
rated PG-13
We gave this movie *** stars
Netflix sent us this DVD last week and I believe it took over 4 days to finish watching it. You have to understand, Stephen and I work opposite schedules so often our time together is during the mid afternoons, but once Madeline is home from school it's sometimes difficult to get through a movie without interuptions. Anyways, we had heard from several people how funny this movie was. And it had it's funny parts, but I guess we expected more. Maybe watching it broken down into several different parts took away from the funnyness. But overall it was a descent romantic comedy. Typical guy/girl topics. Definitely worth a $1 rental from Redbox or a rental from Netflix if you're a member.
The Proposal
rated PG-13
We gave this movie *** and 1/2 stars
We actually first saw this movie on our flight to Boston last September - it was hilarious and we really enjoyed it. It was newly released on Netflix so we instantly streamed it to our Blu-ray. I enjoyed watching it once again. Sandra does a great job acting her part as an overbearing editor who is Canadian and in fear of being deported. Cute love story!

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Justine and Fernando said...

We saw The Proposal on an int'l flight and I thought it was hilarious. But I don't know if I was especially enjoying it because our daughter was asleep and it had been months since we'd seen a flick uninterrupted! SB's tribal dance had me in tears. Love this weekly movie review, by the way!!