Thursday, April 29, 2010

Warning: Picture Overload

We've been blessed with great neighbors. When we moved to Oregon we lived next door to an elderly couple. The man every week would wheel our trash can to the top of our driveway after trash was picked up, it was always such a thoughtful gesture. And the woman would always bring the kids little gift bags of candy on all the holidays. When we first moved here to Texas we were blessed to live next door to the Wrights. Madeline made her first best friend, Mia. And we still continue to have wonderful gatherings with the Wrights, they are awesome friends. And after we moved into our new home last summer we discovered we live on a small 8 home culdesac of really nice neighbors. We've befriended our next door neighbors, they're a cool young couple with a precious little girl. And across the street I've gotten to know Kate, a stay at home mom of Aaron and baby twin boys. Aaron is James' age, I foresee a first best friend for him. :)

Kate and I take turns having play dates for the kids, so we can get little afternoon breaks. We had Aaron over yesterday to play in the kiddie pool, jump on the trampoline and enjoy our sunny, warm weather.

Was testing out the waterproof camera again asking Madeline to blow some bubbles. I have to share Madeline received her 5th report card for the school year. She received 19 "E's" for Excellent, changing 7 previous "S's" for Satisfactory to Excellent. She also jumped from counting up to 49 by ones all the way up to 100! Mrs. Moore left some comments, "Madeline has made some great progress this last 6 weeks. Her reading is really coming along. I too, like to hear her read with such inflection and feeling in her voice! She counted to 100! Hooray! Look at the number of sight words she knows (23 - she needs to know 25 by end of school year). I am so proud of Madeline. She is a "Super Kid"!"

I have a few more vacations pics to share. When we got home Monday night we unpacked all the gifts that got sent home with us. This pic is funny because my mom sent a cooking/bbq apron, that she got as a freebie in Vegas, for Stephen. Stephen thought, "is mom kidding? this won't fit me!". Well it fits Madeline perfectly - it's a really small apron. LOL

My best friend of 17 years, Robyn, cutting her cake at her bridal shower at my parent's home.

Rob and I after her shower festivities.

Aunty Robyn with Madeline. She can't wait to be a flower girl in Aunty's wedding!

Flying home - Madeline always does great flying. Guess it's in the blood. :) And thank goodness for portable DVD players.

Madeline with her Nana and Poppi at cousin Alysea's wedding.

Madeline with her Tante Army at a yummy Hawaiian cafe on Main St. in Huntington Beach.

Madeline happily helping her Oom Tason with his Farmville on Facebook.

Madeline with her girl cousins, Tylee, Ella and Eden at the wedding. Aren't these girls adorable!? We had a fun trip and look forward to going back to CA in June for the wedding.

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Mickie and Matt said...

Oh Robyn will be a beautiful bride! The wedding was gorgeous and Madeline and the other girls look so cute in all their dresses.

It's it so nice to have good neighbors? Little Aaron looks like he is about to loose his swimtrunks in one of those pictures, so classic for that age with the little belly still. So cute!