Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday 2010

"Palm Sunday is the epitome of Lent: a day of great celebration, and a day of deep mourning. On this day, Jesus entered Jerusalem as its king while thousands rejoiced. Within a week, he would be dead, and his followers would be confused and scattered. For everyone who witnessed the events of that week 2000 years ago, it was a roller coaster ride—they knew nothing of Easter. We, on the other hand, have the hope of the resurrection, but also the knowledge that we are the reason for the crucifixion. Bright sadness. ..." ~ Devotions for Lent.

Palm Sunday Mass was a bit different this year as we were blessed with a skit/play of the Passion of Christ done by the middle school kids in Confirmation. Madeline told us they did this play for all the CCD classes last Monday. It was great to see!! Madeline and James watched intently. Madeline told us she learned from the play that Jesus died on the cross for us because He loves us. She said the only thing she didn't like about the play was how mean the Romans were to Jesus. Above is a pic of the kids that performed the play at our parish.

Before we went to evening Mass today we took the kids to see How to train your Dragon in 3D. Cute movie, we all enjoyed it! And of course love the Viking theme that surrounds it. After the movie when we got home the kids and I colored eggs.
The kids really liked this project!

Ah if they could only be this loving ALL the time. :)

Showing off their colored glitter eggs! And aren't those the saddest puppy dog eyes you've ever seen!?

Awesome job! They ate 2 each for dinner tonight!

Also this weekend, Stephen took the kids in this cool Hertz ride to pick up some fresh donuts and kolaches for breakfast - all while I was sleeping in!


Michaela said...

What cute photos! I love the last one with the mercedes. It's perfect.
Jordan would like you to put that car on hold when we come down to visit, haha

Armilyn and David said...

James always cracks us up with his silly faces.