Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Protecting those Precious Moments

Some of you may remember my blog post back in November about "Crying Over Spilled Milk" when James accidentally dumped a gallon of milk all over our laptop...thankfully all data and photos on our laptop were retrieved and the laptop still works! But I knew we needed to buy an external hard drive to back up and protect all the precious data and photos we have saved on our laptop and our desktop. So I've been pricing out portable external hard drives. I was soon going to order one online through Wal-mart until my mom called me about one that was on sale at Fry's for only $59.99 for 320 GB of space! That was the cheapest I've seen them at, so I drove out to Fry's and picked one up. I LOVE this eGo! Over the past few days I've been copying all my stuff to the eGo. Stephen and I have been looking through all the photos and videos we haven't had access to because they've been on our dusty, old, very slow desktop. What precious memories we have saved. Wanted to share a pic and video from when Madeline was about 6 months old and James was about 10 months old. I know the grandparents will enjoy these!

Here's Madeline about 6 months old at my brother and sister in-law's apartment in CA. Look at the chub! Love the indention's on her arms. And the roundness of her face.

This is a video Stephen took of Madeline on our balcony porch in our first apartment in CA. They were waiting for me to get home from work. She really dug that playsaucer!

Here is James at about 9-10 months old, he was learning how to pull himself up to a standing position. I remember Madeline put these sunglasses on him and he thought it was so funny.

And this was a video I took of him on the same day. Ugh, I hate hearing my voice - but it's a cute video clip of our baby Jimmy-James! This was when he was in his kicking stage.

Makes me miss the baby stage!
But not enough to have another right now. ;)

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Michaela said...

What a cute post! I haven't seen too many pictures of Madeline as a baby. They both are just so cute! Its great that your computer still works! I need to be better at backing up our computers!