Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Movie Review

Forever Strong
rated PG-13
We gave this movie **** stars.
And I thought football was a tough sport...Rugby is even tougher! Stephen and I enjoyed this great sports movie much like Rudy and Remember the Titans. Rick is a star player on his dad's rugby team until a DUI lands him in a reformatory. While he's serving his sentence, tough rival coach Larry Gelwix allows him to play for his team, which helps Rick straighten up his act. There is a lot of heart in this movie and it is really inspiring - definitely worth seeing!

Prison Break: The Final Break
rated NR
We gave this movie *** stars
Stephen and I were really into the TV series Prison Break so we were anxious to see this movie which fills in the 5 year gap that happens in the TV finale. You know the main character died from the TV series but didn't know how. Of course this movie was typical Hollywood and not believable in certain parts of the storyline but other than that it was a good closer for the TV series we once really enjoyed - so if you were a fan definitely see it.

88 Minutes
rated R
We gave this movie *** stars.
Jack Gramm (Al Pacino) -- a college professor and occasional forensic psychologist for the FBI -- finds himself in a race against time when he receives a mysterious phone call telling him he has exactly 88 minutes left to live. This is one of those suspenseful thriller movies and basically falls under the "who-dun-it" murder mystery. Stephen and I like to discuss during these types of movies who we think is the murderer. Stephen won on this one! It's a good flick for a rainy night (like we had last week).


Mickie and Matt said...

Forever Strong... right I forgot about that movie. It was made around here I think... or it was about a place around here... Rugby is big around these parts. Matt and I will need to rent that one. I should be keeping a list from all these movies we need to see!

steve said...

keep in mind these are melissa's rankings. even though it says "we gave this movie", it's still her opinion. ok, i'll give mine.

forever strong *, a bit cheesy, and strange seing white guys doing the haka dance. also, you gotta love guys pushing 30 playing a 17 yr old senior

88 minutes **, pacino's too old to be running around solving mysteries and dating younger woman. with that being said, he's still pacino. you knew who the villian was a 1/3 of the way through. too predictable.

prison break *, loved seasons 1 and 2. can't believe they stretched it out into 4. i started laughing when i heard they turned it into a movie. still, if you were a fan of the series you should check it out. however, go in with low expectations.