Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crying Over Spilled Milk

Yesterday at work I get a frantic call from Stephen..."where is our set of mini screw drivers!?". "Why?" I ask...."because James just poured a gallon of milk on our coffee table and it got onto our laptop!!!!". Crud...is what I was feeling. He needed the mini screw drivers to take off some of the pieces on the back of the laptop. It's currently still drying. I Googled what to do when you spill something on your laptop and most instructions said to let it dry for a good 24 hours. When I get home this afternoon we're going to try and turn it on. Praying it does, I have a lot of precious data on there (photos mainly) that I do not have the high resolution files backed up. Not to mention my 100+ address list - so those of you who were going to contact me for addresses this Christmas, I may not have them. Also our tax files were on there. Ugh - please, please, please let our data be retrievable!
If you can imagine Stephen's reaction finding James standing next to his spilled milk and having to then stand in the corner - he knows he did something real naughty. He even hid from me when I got home, probably realizing how upset I would be. But you know what, James is 3...and his curiosity got the best of him. Lesson learned for us...that we can not put our laptop down where the kids can get to it. (oh and maybe a lock for our refrigerator?).
*UPDATE - the laptop still works and all of our data is still there! :)


Justine and Fernando said...

Poor James and poor you guys. Hopefully all will be retrievable! I can imagine that loss. I'll remember this one for when my little one gets into things!

Spence Family said...

I think about that all the time... What if something happened to my laptop! Yikes I HOPE everything is retreivable and it still works. I thought i was the only one who contacted you for my Christmas card addresses haha... more then just me eh?