Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Movie Review

rated PG-13
We gave this movie *** stars.
I waited to watch this one with Stephen this weekend because he said he wanted to see it. Stephen said after seeing it, "what was all the hoop la about!". We found ourselves saying during the movie how unrealistic it is for these townspeople not to recognize what these really pale people are! LOL So I knew it was a movie about vampires, didn't know the story was about "good vampires". That was sort of refreshing. It was also a cute teeny-bopper romance story. So I enjoyed that part, Stephen not so much. Oh and we also couldn't figure out why so many girls were going ga-ga over Robert Pattinson...we didn't think he was the heart throb many have made him out to be. But I would say this movie is definitely worth renting. It was entertaining!

Kidnapped: The Complete Series
rated NR
I gave this movie tv series **** stars.
I can't believe this tv series got canceled! I liked it a lot. Much like the Mel Gibson movie, Ransom. The lives of millionaire Conrad Cain and his wife, Ellie, are thrown into chaos when their teenage son is kidnapped on his way to school. As the list of suspects grows, the couple enlists a crack team of investigators to help them safely retrieve their son -- and protect their deeply guarded secrets. I was definitely hooked on this 12 part series and finished it in a week. Definitely worth seeing.

Call of the Wild
rated PG
I gave this movie *** and 1/2 stars.
Nine-year-old city girl Ryann Hale (who looks a lot like Madeline!) is a real fish out of water when she visits Grandpa Bill in the freezing, mall-free world of small-town Montana. But Ryann begins to change her mind about the outdoors when she befriends a wounded wild dog. Nursing Buck back to health, Ryann sets her sights on winning a big dogsledding competition in this modern-day adaptation of the beloved Jack London classic. This was a very cute family movie. The kids and I watched it. It was very touching and enjoyable.

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Mickie and Matt said...

FINE! I'll watch Twilight... haha good to hear that you liked it even though you didnt know about it... I dont know much about it either.

I have a suggestion... One of Matt's FAVORITE T.V. series lasted only one season too, called Firefly. The movie Serenity is the ending to the series. We watched a few episodes last night on DVD. Its basically a western set in space? Anyways look it up you and Stephen just might enjoy it! :)

Loving the Monday Movie review, keep it comin!