Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tree Wells

Every time we save up some extra money we like to use it doing something for our new home. Stephen just received his 4th quarter bonuses so we went to Lowe's this weekend and bought some 12" brick pavers to create tree wells around our growing white oak trees. We needed twelve per tree and they cost $1.78 each so that wasn't too bad.
I've seen others in the area do these for their front yard trees and these tree wells create nice flower planters. Spring weather here in Central TX usually starts by the end of February, so I was feeling okay to plant some blooms in our new tree wells. Isn't my little helper so silly?

I asked the Lowe's guy which flowers would be good for a project like this. He was really nice and helpful. We ended up getting some mounding annuals to add splashes of color - hopefully they will grow and last through the summer.

We got some white Alyssum which smell very sweet. The Lowe's guy suggested planting them closer to the brick pavers so they could grow and cascade over the brick. And near the trunk of the tree I planted some colorful Dianthus which should grow a little taller. All of these color annuals were 90 cents each. I can't wait for our St. Augustine grass to turn green again and our white oak trees to sprout new leaves again. Springtime here in TX is so pretty, the fields of wildflowers are amazing!


Andria said...

Your new planters look really great in your front yard. Aren't home projects fun?! Your home is looking great!

Chad and Crystal said...

That looks great! I too have Spring fever! I have been enjoying the birds singing and flowers budding.

The Kilian Family Four said...

Beautiful! They look great! I can't wait to have a house with a yard, so I can plant some flowers.