Saturday, January 30, 2010

A year later, my heart still aches

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my dear, sweet Oma's passing. I got real emotional yesterday morning thinking about her. Oh how I miss her. Above is a photo that I love, with my Oma front and center looking so poised and beautiful. My Dad, the little boy with the hat, is walking next to her along with my Opa, Tante and a couple. To see more old photos of my Oma please visit the blog I dedicated to her that I made last February.


Suzi said...

Melissa, I'm sorry you are still feeling the pain of your loss... you have wonderful pictures and I am sure memories of your Oma! In the picture above, she is so poised and beautiful and your dad looks just like your son. I hope this day is a little bit easier on you as time passes.

Justine and Fernando said...

What an awesome picture. I feel like I've been there! Praying and thinking of your sweet Oma on this one-year death anniversary.

Chad and Crystal said...

That picture is amazing!!!