Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life is like riding a bicycle... order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.
~Albert Einstein.
Only on my new (well new to me) stationary recumbent exercise bike I don't need to worry so much about balance - but I do need to keep moving! Stephen and I have been looking into used treadmills and recumbent bikes on Craigslist. Stephen more so wanted a treadmill while I felt I would use a bike more consistently and comfortably workout on one. So I got my bike, it's a used NordicTrack and needed some dusting and cleaning but I got it for $80. Right now it sits in our family room. I can workout on it while watching TV and be in the same room as the kids and Stephen are most of the time.

It has 4 preset workouts spanning from 20-30 minutes. I've done 2 of them so far and let me tell you those hills are killers!!! But I like doing the preset workouts, it gives some variation to my workout and challenges my legs when the resistance goes up not to mention my BPM goes up too! The workouts leave me feeling sweaty, my legs jello-y but best of all I feel more energized after working out on it! I don't know if Stephen is using it as much as I am but he did use it for the 4th quarter of the Viking game on Sunday night cause he had to release some stress! These pics are so my parents could see the bike is safe for the kids to be around. They were concerned because when my brother was younger he lost part of his finger on their stationary bike by putting it in the moving parts. As you can see all the moving parts (besides the pedals) are fully enclosed. The kids just like using it as a new seat to watch TV in.

Update on my 30 day jump start Biggest Loser workout. I've been trying to do the DVD workout at least 5 days a week. They're "short and sweet" so I usually do them in the loft while the kids are taking their bath. I really like them! Previous contestants from the show take turns leading a workout, so they're really inspiring.

Hopefully I'll see some results soon and loose some inches and some pounds! Time to go workout!

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Mickie and Matt said...

Yay! Good for you! I thought for a while there I was gaining weight back (which is a good thing in my case) but alas I wasnt... I'm not TOO worried about it since I've been holding strong where I am for about 3 weeks now. So at least I am not loosing still.

SOOO good for you to be working out! Isn't it great? It's nice when you become addicted, then your day isn't complete without some time on the bike or doing a DVD or something! Good luck with the weight loss I came across this site:
seems to have some good healthier recipes on there!