Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas Family & Friends! What a celebration we are blessed to be celebrating! So thankful for the birth of our Saviour! Well this morning our first child up was Miss Penny Lane! Madeline and James slept in past 8am. Madeline however woke at 3am needing a glass of water, she asked me, "Mommy did you see him? Did he visit our house?". It was cute.
All the gifts wrapped and under the tree, I got to bed by 1am.

Since Stephen has to work today he decided after making a pot of coffee to go upstairs and wake the kids. Here is Madeline's reaction when she came downstairs and saw all of the presents.

Still waking up, time to open presents!

Okay...this is fun.

Madeline super excited about her Junie B Jones books from Aunty Robyn & Uncle Jeff. They read this book series in her class.

James sporting his new Viking cap and checking out his animals.

Santa brought Madeline a scooter for Christmas! Just what she wanted!

James was just like Randy on A Christmas Story - he was having so much fun rolling around in the wrapping paper and throwing it up in the air.

Madeline got all dressed wearing her new sweater from Tante Leen & Oom Jack, riding her new scooter to go deliver homemade banana bread to all of our neighbors.

James was fascinated with his new Thomas the Train set that Santa brought him for Christmas.

James got dressed wearing his new cap and boots from mommy & daddy and his new sweater from Tante Leen & Oom Jack.

Silly dudes!

Nice smiles! :)

The kids now playing with James' Penguin Race.
We just want to thank y'all for your thoughts and wishes during this Christmas season. Also for all the generous gifts. We've been blessed. The only downer about living here in Austin is having no family around the holidays. We wish we could be with y'all today. After Stephen gets off from work later we are having our dear friends, the Wright family, over to eat and celebrate! And hopefully Stephen's uncle can make it too. Everyone have a wonderful day!

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