Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Twenty Third

Today Madeline turned six years old. We had a mellow day at home while Madeline played with her new toys. I had to work in the morning and Stephen had to work this evening so we plan on taking Madeline and James out to eat on Saturday and to the movies.

James and I sung Happy Birthday to Madeline this evening after getting back from looking at Christmas lights in a near by neighborhood.

This afternoon the kids decorated gingerbread men while I baked banana bread and cupcakes.

Penny Lane loves her new Costco Kirkland bed.

James fell asleep in the car while we drove around looking at lights so Madeline and Penny enjoyed the sites.

Penny is such a good dog mate.

To my surprise when I checked Madeline's school folder from the last day of school I found this craft she did there. I've received lots of those mass emails saying how God is being taken out of our public schools but I guess here in TX they haven't done that. Probably because we're a Southern state and near the Bible Belt. Anyways, I told Madeline I wanted to hang this one on our wall because it shows us why we celebrate Christmas - our Savior was born! Madeline replied, "I think Santa will love this picture!". Her innocent statement made me think of this figurine below that I've seen.

Lastly, today I received a wonderful email with these caricatures of the kids! The artist, Esly, is an Australian Christian I met online and became virtual friends with. She's super creative and talented, I follow her sketch blog. She posts about the kids here. It was so thoughtful of her to take time to draw Madeline and James! I love these! Thank you Esly!


Fernando said...

What a sugary sweet birthday! I love those caricatures. It's amazing how you make virtual friends with people from being a mom.

Mickie and Matt said...

Ohh looks like Madeline had a fun happy day all about her! That is a nice figurine too. Pulls the two together.