Saturday, November 14, 2009

Master in progress

While Stephen was at work this afternoon I decided to start working on our master bedroom. I bought the paint for it from Lowe's back on Labor Day when they had a sale on paint. Well after 6 hours this is what I accomplished...I painted the accent wall, moved the dresser from the left wall to the center of the accent wall, moved our king size bed (all by myself!), got rid of our mismatched nightstand replacing with temporary ones, and putting new matching lampshades on our old lamps! I still need to paint the remaining 3 walls with this warm beige color.

This is the before shot from before we moved in.

I think the lamps give a nice touch. And this is our beautiful new bedding set that we bought with the house warming gift money we received from Tante Leen and Oom Jack - we love it! Although Stephen's not too sure what to do with all of those pillows. :)


Spence Family said...

Nice selection of colors! I love it! Way to go moving that bed all by yourself :)

Rachel said...

Love the colors. The color on the accent wall is not a color you see that often here, that's probably why I like it :-)
JM would throw all the pillows of the bed; 'there, now there's room for me!'.