Friday, November 13, 2009

Report Card!

Today Madeline came home from school with her first report card! Next side the happy face stamp her teacher Mrs. Moore typed in the comments: "Miss Madeline is the PERFECT kindergarten child! She loves to learn. She tries her best to do all that is asked of her. If she is unsure of a task, she will ask me. I am so proud of what Madeline has accomplished these last 3 months of school." She received a "S" (which means Kindergarten Level) on 99% of her Language Arts, Social Skills & Work Habits, Mathematics, and Social Studies / Science / Health.

Madeline also received an "E" (which means Above and Beyond a Kindergarten Level) on Works neatly (i.e. coloring, gluing and cutting). I believe she gets that trait from mu-ah! ;)

Mrs. Moore took this photo of Madeline in class doing one of her Centers where she was instructed to build a community.


steve said...

I am so proud of you Maddy. You have always been willing to do your best from dance to sharing with James to your school work. You are the best. Uncle Steve

Spence Family said...

Madeline! Way to go, glad to see Kindergarten is so great! It always helpes when you have a FABULOUS teacher.