Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Great Buys!

You got to love great buys, I know I do!

I've found a few items on Craigslist. Don't know how many of you out there have looked through these free online classifieds. Anyhow. I'm in the search of a newer computer desk and chair (I have some birthday money left over). I'm really bummed because this desk I was going to look at the other night got sold before I could even see it. But I did find a really nice leather office chair. Got it for $30! (Stephen went inside the owners place and picked it up for me, I told him to haggle and try and get it for $25, but he didn't). Anyway in the video below you will see my new chair - and you will see how much the kids really like it too!

I'll throw in one more video of Mr. James. He's finally starting to repeat words that I say. I was talking on the phone to my parents and put him on and told him to say "Hi Opa!" and HE DID! Of course I didn't get that on video, but my parents can affirm it. I did however try to video and get him to say it again. He was getting a bit snippy with me, but at the end of this video you can finally hear him say Opa. :-)

P.S. You can "pause" my music player which is at the bottom of the blog page, so you can hear the videos better.

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n&k spence said...

I like craigslist too. In fact I just called someone about a toddler bed w/ mattress. It is half the price I'd pay at WalMart. Can't beat that. Hopefully they still have it. James is a cutie. Fun videos.