Sunday, April 6, 2008

Congrats Natasha!

A very close family friend (I consider her a cousin), Natasha, celebrates her 30th birthday this weekend! Happy Birthday sweety! You can say we've known one another since being in our mom's wombs! They were pregnant at the same time, along with Natasha's Tante...and 3 Dutch-Indo girls were born weeks apart in the months of March and April 1978! I'm so thankful our families stayed in touch throughout the years. And now we can share what our parents shared many years ago!

Here is Natasha and I at her wedding in 2004, she was a stunning bride!

And Natasha has much to celebrate turning 30, she just became a mommy a few weeks ago! We have another thing in common - we're both moms to boys named James. :-)

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