Sunday, April 6, 2008

IBC Bank Block Party!

Madeline's Dance School was invited to perform at a local Bank's Block Party, held in Buda in the HEB shopping center. They've been learning their dance routines for their upcoming recital for the end of May. So this was good practice for the dancers. I was a bit bummed, still learning my new camera, I didn't video her entire first tap routine because the camera was set to a 5 second video. Finally I figured out it needed to be on the You Tube video setting.

Here is the 5 seconds I got of the tap routine. :-( The 3 other little girls in Madeline's class you see here are all a year older than her. So I think she's keeping up pretty well for being the youngest in her class.

Madeline needs to work on "going right or going left" she usuallys mixes them up. I'm still so proud of her!

And this last dance they did with the 3 year old dancers too!

Here is Madeline with her instructor, Miss Kyle.

Madeline after the performance, she received a tulip flower from another mom, and a balloon from the Chili's tent that was set up there.

And after we were done getting her face painted at the block party, we got home and Madeline quickly got into her new suit to go play outside with Mia and her brothers. It's a beautiful day in the low 80's!

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Windy said...

what a stinkin cutie!