Saturday, April 5, 2008

I don't know about Oregon DMV...

So last Spring after we moved to Texas, we received a renewal notice from OR DMV for our vehicles. I responded with a letter stating that we moved to Texas and already registered our vehicles in this state. Well last month before our trip to CA we received another renewal notice from them! Um hello. So I just wrote back on the slip you're supposed to send back with your payment that we moved out of state in January 2007 and already have our vehicles registered in the state we now reside.

What do we get in the mail after we return from updated Driver's License sticker from Oregon to place on our Oregon DL since we changed addresses and still live in OR and all. Um hello. Isn't it standard in most states that in order to get a new DL in that state you must forfeit your previous state DL? We turned in our OR DL's over a year ago! I don't know about the people processing this stuff. If they just go through hundreds of them that they just overlook the fact that we no longer reside in that state!

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