Saturday, March 15, 2008

Funny story...

I called my Mom last night after this funny story happened, as she needs to take some credit since she's always stocking our house with peanuts to snack on when she comes to's what happened, I was on the computer and Madeline was watching cartoons out front snacking on peanuts, this was our conversation:

Madeline: (walks slowly in the computer room sniffling) "Mommy, I got a peanut stuck up my nose."

Me: "What!?" "How did it get there and is it still stuck!?"

Madeline: "I put it there mommy. No it's not there because I did this... (she sniffs in really hard)"

Me: "Now you know Madeline you're not supposed to stick anything up your nose. Don't do it again, okay?"

Madeline: "Okay mommy, I promise I won't." (She goes back out front to watch her cartoons)

*In the mean time I keep hearing her sniffle. 5 minutes later she comes back to the computer room.

Me: "No more peanuts up our nose I hope!?"

Madeline: (starts tearing up with a really sad, fearful face) "Mommy the peanut is still stuck in my nose!" (she starts crying)

Me: "What, I thought it was out?" (I proceed to turn on a bright light) "It's okay, calm down and let mommy see." (I go get a tissue from the bathroom) "Okay now mommy wants you to blow really hard into the tissue, just like you do when you're sick and have yuckies in your nose." "1, 2, 3, blow!"

*Out comes the peanut - a whole peanut!

Madeline: (stops crying and starts giggling) "Oh so all I had to do is get a wipe and blow the peanut out, I'm so silly!"

I guess it's just the beginning as a mother to deal with these childhood "happenings"...first constipation, then pinworms, and now in adamant objects shoved up the nostrils. Sigh. What's next? LOL


Kelly K. said...

Awww...poor kid. That is too funny though!

n&k spence said...

That's so funny. I am amazed a peanut would fit up there. Wonder where kids get the idea to put stuff up their noses? Tanner sticks stuff in his ears sometimes. I don't get it. Glad you didn't have to go to the hospital to get it out.

Anonymous said...

My Poor Princess, But Nana has to admit I used to stick things up my nose. The worst was a huge ballon. I had to go to the Dr. and have them remove it. I had to breathe out of my mouth awhile before my Mom believed I did something that Silly. Then she was sorry later because it was so huge. All I can say is anything is possible with kids. They will keep your life interesting. Love and Misses, Nana

steve said...

Your Aunt Kate put a tiny dice up her nose. Aunt Ann had a live fly go in her ear. Hospital time for Ann. Kate blew the dice out. Poor Maddy.