Friday, March 14, 2008

Feels like Summer!

More trampoline pics! :-)

This was from the other night around 7pm (it stays so light out now!)

Stephen and James were just relaxing with their shirts off...

So of course Madeline wanted to take her shirt off too! (Don't worry Mom S. I made her put it back on) Here she is balancing on Stephen's hands. When they do this inside she's always so worried about falling, not in the trampoline!

This was from today, reached 92 outside! Explains the panting tongue! LOL

James always happy as long as he has his ball.

So I get asked a lot if Stephen and I jump on the trampoline, here's proof! (Madeline took the pic, I was trying to explain for her to turn the camera sideways to get my whole body...)

Here's the other photo Madeline took. :-)

Our pretty girl.


Windy said...

How fun - it must feel like summer there! Can't wait for next Fri!

Spence Family said...

Man 92 sounds great right about now. Oh and I am doing my spring cleaning this weekend... remember when you did yours in FEB? Sheesh!